Michael Schultz Youtube channel building 737NG pit

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Re: Michael Schultz Youtube channel building 737NG pit

Post by Bernie » 15 Jul 2019, 02:04

Extraterra wrote:
14 Jul 2019, 19:40
Here my preference is the price. For one pokey card I can get nearly four Arduino megas. But the possibility to connect it via ethernet is really interesting.
By the way, is it possible to control a button matrix with a pokey card? Then it could be a good choice when I build a CDU.
Hi Michael,

Yes it is possible but the Focus of the CDU module has to be kept in focus, unless that has changed recently. Mine are interfaced with the OpenCockpit Keys card and that solves that issue. :D
Kind Regards


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Re: Michael Schultz Youtube channel building 737NG pit

Post by azwildk4t » 15 Jul 2019, 17:36

Bernie wrote:Hi Michael,

Your video is so informative and well made but I am puzzled why you would go to so much trouble with the cards you use when a Pokeys Card is so much easier to assign. You wire the Pokeys card up to the hardware and flick a switch and the port number is shown and you just select it. With led outputs, you use the find function in the Prosim configuration and it illuminates the leds and then uses a process of elimination until the led you are assigning starts to flash and the you click on "Use". Encoders, Pots are also easy to assign as well. What you did to select one switch would have given me time to assign nearly half a Pokeys card. I have used 12 Pokeys Cards in my Sim and have not had any issues. Don't get me wrong, as I understand that people have different preferences with Hardware. :D
Hi Bernie.

I had the same question and added it to the comment section on his YouTube post

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