Throttle problems

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Throttle problems

Post by LibeccioSW » 11 Dec 2018, 15:19

Good afternoon
i have a problem with the sonic cockpit throttle. I used the EHID driver but i have difficulty setting up throttle levers. speed brakes. and thrust revengers. Using the autothrottle a lever moves into maximum thrust while the other lever is in the slightest thrust.
Should i use Sioc? if Yes, where can i find the script for the boeing 737. Use Prepar3d.
Thank you all for your cooperation.

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Re: Throttle problems

Post by cuevision » 20 Dec 2018, 07:52

Hi there,

No. You could not use SIOC for this. CS is fully integrated into Prosim via their drivers. Do you know that you have to setup all levers, except the Flaps and the trim, by using the sliders into the MCP configuration? You can not configure them manually slide the levers. When you move the slider to the left or right, you will see the sliders on the TQ move. Just choose the right position during moving the sliders and when the position is correct, confirm this by a mouseclick. As an example, the spoilerfunction. You have a 'down', 'armed' and 'up' position. Just click on it when the correct position is reached.

Good luck,

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