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ProSim737 version 2.24

Post by martin.vsetecka » 06 Dec 2019, 18:06

Dec 6 2019 Release Version 2.24
!! The database format for navigation data has changed. Airac cycle 1901 is included in this release in the new format.
!! Please make sure you download the correct new format from your navigation data supplier. If you don't have a correct
!! database installed, ProSim will fall back to the included 1901 airac cycle.

- [PAR-3158] Fixed pilot call switches not working properly
- [Commercial] Implemented VOR and DME as virtual navaids
- Fixed SelectableChannel not working properly

- Fixed LOC missing when scenery db is selected
- Fixed Radio mins not showing value when using Dial RA
- Fixed RMI needle data when frequency is ILS
- Fixed ISFD GS for NCD data
- Fixed ISFD BCRS mode
- Fixed DME data if EFIS VOR mode selected
- Fixed inverted glideslope indication on ISFD
- Fixed CWS flags

- Fixed XTK value on PROG page 4

- Fixed aircraft.altitude.ground dataref for MSFS simlink
- Added extra log to investigate the issue
- Added 64-bit support to remaining ProSim modules
- Added 64-bit support to ProSim System module
- Added Multinav panel
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